Spring Microgreen Mix

This mix gets it’s name from how “springy” these greens are.
You might think little seedlings are delicate, and in some degree they are, but they are stronger than you think. These newborns are full of all the nutrients that are needed to grow into a large plant and just as young kids are full of life and crazy fast energy, these greens, the flavors are more intense, brighter, and an overall “Fresher” taste than they are when they reach maturity.

The “Spring Mix” includes both mild and spicy greens but nothing overly pungent.

20.00 for a whole tray and 10.00 for a half tray
Call Stephen at 503.970.6504

Broccoli micro’s

Arugula micro’s are described as “bright and lively intense arugula flavor”.

Red Cabbage has a delightful color and a mild flavor.

Red Russian Kale is a nice flavorful Kale wit a reddish Purplish stem that
is full of vitamins and a nice mild flavor.

Watercress is a very sharp “spicy” flavor that adds a particular pungent flavor that I find indefensible to the balanced flavor of the mix.

Rambo Radish is a mild flavored radish with the most beautiful purple color.

Daikon Radish is a nice spicy radish with a bright flavor.

Red Arrow Radish is bright and spicy with a beautiful reddish stem