Radish Trio

Radish is one of the most popular of all microgreens. They have a spicyness, balanced by a fresh “greens” flavor. Eating a whole radish is too forward for many folks, this gives a radish zing but user friendly texture.

I like to use 3 different varieties of radish for flavor, but also color.

20 dollars for a full tray and 10 dollars for a half tray.
Call Stephen at 503.970.5504

Rambo Radish is a beautiful color of purple and greenish purple radish.
The flavor is mild for radish but very nice and user friendly. If you find most radish microgreens too strong then Rambo Radish may be a good choice for you.

Rambo Red Radish is a beautiful tangy radish that has a beautiful red stem.
I love the color it adds and also good flavor to the trio.

Daikon Radish says it all. Beautiful white stem, pungent but fresh, and hearty. A great addition to the trio.