Windstorm Sept 7

Sun at 6 oclock yesterday, during the windstorm. Smoke was everywhere due to the rare high winds that the weatherman say happens only a few times in a century. Fires are raging in Oregon and Washington Tree went down in the driveway, just as John and Sherrill were driving in.

When Your Garlic Gets Old

Don’t throw it away, plant it in a bit of soil. Watch a fantastic video on How to Regrow Anything We will see what happens, I did it with some Shallots a few weeks ago and they are pretty tall now. On my FB post I asked if anyone had ideas for other household vegies, […]

Young Seedlings

Same tomatoes as last year, Cherry tomatoes, Beefsteak, Yellow pear and Roma, all nice heirloom and indeterminate. Would like to grow some into trees. Well not trees but indeterminate means they will grow as big as you let them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunflowers, not sure where we are going to plant these. Judy wanted some so I […]

Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp

We are loving the arrival of Spring on the Farm. To celebrate we did a Hawaiian dish for dinner. I didn’t realize that Garlic shrimp was a “thing” and wish I would have searched for it when I was in Hawaii. Apparently it is primarily a food truck specialty but that is just what I […]

Warm Butternut Squash Salad

This is a absolute natural combination. Butternut squash and apple cider vinaigrette. I think many folks are looking for other ways to use this squash other than to bake or roast it as a side or to soup it. Winter lettuce, or Mesclun varieties are still hanging in there in the garden even with near […]

Warm Mesclun Salad Benedict

On the Farm we grew some different lettuce varieties that are referred to as Mesclun Mix. They are stronger flavored and heartier texture. They include, Oak leaf, curly endive, romaine, chard, mustard and dandelion even. It is fall and these salad greens are still doing well in the garden. Some have bolted but others are […]

Street Corn at Sunset

Ingredients:4 ears of corn, cut in sections to make cobbetts 1 cup mayonnaise Taco Seasoning , (your favorite)1/2 -3/4 cup parmesan cheese 6 inch foil squares, 1 for each cobbett Directions;1. Place cobbett on foil square.2. Coat each cobbett with mayonnaise. 3. Sprinkle each cobbett with parmesan cheese, and taco seasoning and wrap it up. […]