Pear Honey

Aunt Lona brought over more pears from her tree and I didn’t get to them right away. I had a friend tell me about how their grandma made a pear honey. So I cut them and was ready to make a cake but today turned into tomorrow and tomorrow into next week and so they […]

My Mesculn Garden lettuce

Here on the farm we grew many kinds of lettuce. Mesculin mix is a term used in Southern France varieties that have a bold flavor, like Arugula, Radichio, different mustard greens, Spinach and other leafy greens. These of course wouldn’t be great for a lettuce wrap, but you can include them in the filling of […]

Rainier Cherry Chocolate Kuchen

Ingredients; So what is a Kuchen (means cake in German) and why is it special? Well first of all my grandma made it for the family so it is nostalgic. But it is quite different than the super tender, sweet cakes that you find in most local bakeries and packaged on the grocery shelf. This […]

Microgreen Crop Nov 10

Microgreen Crop Nov 10, 2018 Arugula Slow Bolt Cabbage Red Acre Broccoli Waltham Peas Speckled planted Beets  Detroit Nov 11 I used about 2 teaspoons of each seed except for the peas which was ½ cup I covered these for 3 days weighting them down then uncovered and put under T8 Fluorescent lights. Growing these […]