When Your Garlic Gets Old

Don’t throw it away, plant it in a bit of soil.

Watch a fantastic video on How to Regrow Anything

We will see what happens, I did it with some Shallots a few weeks ago and they are pretty tall now.

On my FB post I asked if anyone had ideas for other household vegies, or pits that they have tried to plant. Here are some of the suggestions.

Sweet Potato
Mango Pit
Purple Sage , from the grocery living herbs
Romaine butt
Celery Butt
Bok Choy
Green Onions
Yellow Spanish Onion

Here are some pics

Celery Butt Regrow by Traci
Celery Butt by Teri Tracy

Celery Regrow by Daphna
Celery Butt Regrow from Daphna
Romaine regrow by Daphna
Romaine from Daphna

Romaine Regrow by Stephen
Romaine Butt by Stephen Block
Gardenia regrow by Daphna
Gardenia Regrow by Daphna

Here’s a Great Video on How to Regrow Anything