Pear Honey

Aunt Lona brought over more pears from her tree and I didn’t get to them right away.

I had a friend tell me about how their grandma made a pear honey.

So I cut them and was ready to make a cake but today turned into tomorrow and tomorrow into next week and so they looked like this..

Pear honey is long cooked pear slice but is a bit different than apple butter that is more like an apple sauce that is cooked down. Some pear honey’s are very clear like honey and they say you can’t tell the difference. You can use it in baking, or salad dressings, and any other way you can use honey. I think you would need to peel the pears if you were going to do that. I may do an update on this with more pears I got.

It is absolutely heaven on yogurt. It just sweetens it much better than regular honey in my opinion and an intense pear flavor.

The recipe is from my German Cooking Group so I put the recipe there.

Go here to make Pear Honey