Street Corn at Sunset

Ingredients:4 ears of corn, cut in sections to make cobbetts 1 cup mayonnaise Taco Seasoning , (your favorite)1/2 -3/4 cup parmesan cheese 6 inch foil squares, 1 for each cobbett Directions;1. Place cobbett on foil square.2. Coat each cobbett with mayonnaise. 3. Sprinkle each cobbett with parmesan cheese, and taco seasoning and wrap it up. […]

Rainier Cherry Chocolate Kuchen

Ingredients; So what is a Kuchen (means cake in German) and why is it special? Well first of all my grandma made it for the family so it is nostalgic. But it is quite different than the super tender, sweet cakes that you find in most local bakeries and packaged on the grocery shelf. This […]

Hackurei Turnips

Hackurei Turnips are a beautiful vegetable to work with. There golf ball size with the texture of a radish and a unique turnip flavor that is mild but with a little snappiness and depth to it. They beg for light braising but also great raw. The greens are good steamed or stir fried. They are […]