Microgreen Shots Test – Dec 7, 2018

This was a quick test to see how the microgreen shots would do using paper towels instead of soil. A special thanks to Tikki O. for her youtube of growing microgreens on a moist paper towel. 

 I stuffed the K cups with damp paper towel and sprinkled the seed on. I saw there was bunching so I flattened out the towel and then spread the seed out.  I did some Broccoli (Waltham) and some Radish seeds from True Value

We had germination after the first day and a half 

The Broccoli are growing pretty well on the paper towel. They went under the lights, this morning Dec 11, the beginning of the 5th day. 

Even on Day 5 the germination and growth  on the radish is slow. 

Broccoli after 1 day under light 
As you can see some grew better than others

There was a few successful shots that grew nicely and I will expand on the idea. They are so much easier to eat than those in soil. You can actually pick them out with your hands roots and all and eat them.