Microgreen Test Dec 15

Dec 15 We are up at the farm in Oregon, and it is cold out. The logical place to grow the microgreens now is in the garage as there is no place indoors where we can keep it heated. So my first worry was too be able to keep them at about 70 degrees so […]

Lean Farming

In this post it will be an ongoing discussion of this book I am studying. For those that are not familiar with the “Lean” philosophy, it was developed by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota for improving production using 5 principles he developed to increase “Value” which he defines as the product or service wanted by the […]

MicroGreen Crop Planted Nov 29

 I did also some Microgreen shots in K-cups that was a blead of Broccoli, Basil and Arugulaand I did a Broccoli Amaranth blend  and a Basil You never think that they are going to germinate. “Did Iget the soil to wet? Are the seeds no good?”It just takes time. Basil – Genovese – Microgreens Seeds […]